CBC Q | September 24, 2020

CBC Q VIDEO: Host Tom Power talks to Iqaluit artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory about collaborating with Inuit and non-Inuit creators.

Follow the link to CBC Art Connects on Q – for information about Laakkuluk’s career, video clips and a 26 minute interview with Laakkuluk by Tom Power.

Iqaluit artist’s work argues reckoning — not reconciliation — between Indigenous people and Canada is key. Throughout her career, Iqaluit artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory has written and performed plays, curated exhibits and collaborated on musical projects. In her diverse body of work, Williamson Bathory often collaborates with artists of varying backgrounds, building bridges and promoting unity across cultural divides.

“I think collaboration is one of the highest things that I can achieve as an artist, because it not only emphasizes the end result, but the process. It’s all about relationships,” she told q host Tom Power.

“I find that to be a true feminist expression, and also a true non-capitalist, equality-creating way of making art.”

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