AATOOQ: Short film by Ikumagialiit

AATOOQ (Full of Blood) is a visio-sonic poem about the gifts of blood, narrated in Kalaallisut (Greenlandic) with English subtitles, co-created by Ikumagialiit.

Laakkuluk from the video Aatooq, 2021


National Arts Centre, outdoor evening screenings on the Kipnes Lantern, Ottawa. Screening times to be announced soon.

Nuuk International Film Festival. Screening times to be announced soon!

Ikumagialiit artist panel with Q&A is online Fri June 18 at 1pm EST / 2pm ADTFollow the link to register.

Film Screening, Everyseeker Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sat June 19 at 7pm EST/8pm ADT. Online audience viewing requires registration via their website events page. Scroll down to the Digital Inventions Archive button to access the registration link.

POETRY / PERFORMER / CHOREOGRAPHY Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory


VIDEO ARTIST Jamie Griffiths

VOCALS Christine Tootoo

2 thoughts on “AATOOQ: Short film by Ikumagialiit

    1. Laakkuluk says:

      The next screening will be at the Nunavut International Film Festival in January 2022, in Iqaluit!


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