The Unforgotten

A team of Iqalummiut, featuring Laakkuluk’s poetry, contributed to a film called The Unforgotten. It is a 5-part film by Canadian Medical Association about the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Laakkuluk’s daughter Akutaq, did the voice over, along with Jeannie A. Kullualik. Makpa Otak acted, along with Leetia Eegeesiak. Jamie Lynne Griffiths filmed it, with the help of Rico Manitok and Thibaut Larquey.

The team brought some beauty to a difficult and heavy topic: the affect of colonization on Inuit adolescent health.

Link to all 5 films:

Video still from The Unforgotten. Makpa Otak and Letia Eegeetsiak enjoy the ride as the dogs sprint

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