Laakkuluk wins 2021 Sobey Art Award!

Laakkuluk celebrating with family and friends. From left to right: Stephen Williamson Bathory, Benjamin Williamson, Laakkuluk, Taqralik Partridgge, Karla Jessen Williamson and Nanoq Williamson

Laakkuluk wins the 2021 Sobey Art Award!

A through-line of the artist’s genre-defying practice is to encourage Inuit to see themselves. She pursues this goal through collaboration with others, stating, “Because of the legacy of colonization, we, as Indigenous people, don’t own our stories unless we tell them ourselves. Tell your stories.”

Speaking of the artist and her practice, the Sobey Art Award jury stated: “Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory provocatively transforms the framework of references for contemporary art. Williamson Bathory’s performance practice courageously defies preconceived notions through embodied lived experience. Her works invite us to share in a world abundant with possibility infused with the interconnections of land, family, community and cultural knowledge.” 

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